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Can I afford medical aid cover?

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Affordability is an ever increasing priority when it comes to selecting any kind of service, this is no different in medical aid schemes.

Everybody is looking for that bargain, that cheapest option with the greatest benefit.

A lot of people are unsure wether they can actually afford to cover themselves or their families.

Is it possible to live without medical insurance?

Anything is possible. Yes it is possible to live without cover, but that still means you will have to create some sort of plan for incase an emergency happens. You will have to put away money specifically for medical purposes, since you will have to pay for any medical situation in cash and in 90% percent of the cases, upfront.

A good strategy is to work out exactly what you can afford to pay out of pocket and what you need to insure for. This will give you the freedom and benefit of not paying for things you don't need while at the same time being covered for the expensive emergencies.

How much can I expect to pay per month for medical aid cover?

We compared the lowest packages from a range of the more popular medical aid schemes and a general pattern emerged.

If you earn less than R 6800.00 per month, you can expect to pay an average of around R 500.00 (This varies obviously from medical scheme to medical scheme), for the primary member in the family. To add a spouse or adult dependant into the scheme you can expect to pay generally the same amount, minus between R 100.00 and R 200.00, depending on which medical aid scheme you decide to go with.

However, don't see this as a defenite fixed amount. Speaking to an independant healthcare broker is greatly recommended. A broker can provide and negotiate you with a comprehensive solution that fits both your medical requirements as well as your financial status.

WOW! What alternatives are there?

The hospital plan is health insurance that covers all your in-hospital needs, but nothing else.

It is a lot cheaper than any other option, because it is a no-frills scheme. It covers no medication or consultancies, only your in-hospital requirements.

Once again, you need to speak to a professional hospital plan consultant, who can provide you with 100% FREE comparative hospital plan quotations.

Bang for your buck

A quick comparison would indicate that many of your benefits are the same accross the board on all medical aid schemes within a price range.

This can be misleading however, and you need to be precisely sure about what it is you are getting from the medical aid schemes.

There are certain things to look out for before making any concrete decisions, so don't simply pick the first best look deal or offer on face value alone. It is highly recommended to speak to a broker who is authorised and in the know about all the technical details and benefits that medical aid schemes can offer you.

Need help? Speak to our Professional medical aid scheme consultants, who will be able to give you expert advice and guidance.

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