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How do I choose the Best medical Aid Scheme ?

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There are a lot of things to consider and keep in mind before you even think of signing up any Medical Aid scheme.

It is entirely possible that a member's contribution amount can rise while at the same time his benefits decrease

Whichever medical aid scheme you decide upon in the end will never be a static unchanging element. It is important that you always remember that.

Time to move on

Your contribution will increase yearly, which is almost to be expected in any service you pay for. However that is not where it ends. Your medical aid scheme will also review and make changes to the benefits you receive on your package.

It is important to know what benefits are added, removed or stayed unchanged.

It is entirely possible that a member's contribution amount can rise while at the same time his benefits decrease.

That's around the time when you seriously need to reconsider your current medical aid scheme package, and get ready to move on to greener pastures.

The numbers

Did you know that there are 125 registered Medical Aid Schemes in South Africa? Relevant to you are only about

It's all about trust

As with any other service providing company it is always better to stick to Medical Aid schemes that have been around for a while.

A good track record is the best method of assurance that you won't be putting your money into something that won't pay out.

Apart from the trust issue, a good Medical Aid Scheme with good standing will also be able to provide you with much lower contribution rates.

Life Insure

Exclusions and Waiting periods

Chronical conditions and certain treatments could require a more comprehensive medical plan and you should therefore be aware of what a specific scheme excludes.

Many Medical Aid Schemes (good or bad) often exclude or insist on a waiting period on certain benefits for new members or members with existing medical conditions.

This is a method of insurance for the Medical Aid Schemes to prohibit members from joining only when things go bad with their health and then to leave once treatment is completed.

It is therefore important to know beforehand which important benefits are being witheld or subject to a waiting period.


You need to find out what medical expenses you can cover out of pocket and what you need to be insured for

You need to determine which benefits and limitations are. For example, if you are going to require a daily dose of Aspirin, then going on a medical scheme that limits you to to a twice daily dose only then that would obviously present some problems for you.

Medical Aid Schemes offer a bundle of benefits and limitations which often differ from scheme to scheme, so you should find a compromise between what is relevant and a high priority, and what you could do without, or less depending on your specific cirumstances.


Some hospitals, especially private hospitals have higher tariffs than others and you should know wether your medical aid scheme will cover that fully, or wether you will be required to lay down an additional payment.

Also know what your general limitation is on hospital cover for you and your family. You might be fully covered, but insufficient cover when your spouse or child needs to be taken into hospital as well.

Managed Health Programmes

Once you finally decide on a medical aid scheme you should get in contact with the scheme or the administrator in regard to managed health programmes like cancer, HIV/AIDS and babies.

We all get to deal with unexpected issues at one time or another and it is important to be aware of what the costs of it could be in advance.

Anything else...?

You are excused for being a little more than nervous by this stage. This is not as simple as you thought it would be, in fact, this is beginning to sound more like a nightmare to you with every passing sentence.

Do I have to go through all this simply to make sure that my family is looked after?

Introducing the broker! A broker's job is to go through all that for you, and then simply providing you with the end results - a set of quotations based on what you need, your priorities and of course, your budget.

Your broker...

A broker's service to you should start off his services to you by providing you with a comprehensive list of requirements including all existing medical conditions, requirements and your financial status.

By law all Medical Aid Schemes are required to provide you with at least three quotations which will enable you and your broker to determine ultimately the best solution for you and your family.

We offer services in both individual and group medical aid schemes and our brokers are fully qualified and authorised to provide you with the best possible medical aid solution that will not only keep your family safe but your bank account as well.

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