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Why should i get group medical aid?

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Why should you as an employer of a group of employees cover them with in a group medical aid scheme?

There are many reasons, none of them being law or things you have to do, although they have a lot to do with money, as most things in life do.

There are three big options that you as an employer can implement in your company.

The first is to provide them with no cover or subsidies whatsoever. This means that your employee's health cover is entirely in his own hands and that you have no control over it at all.

Secondly, you could provide your employee's with a subsidy. This means you pay your employees a monthly amount which they can use to insure themselves with any medical aid scheme that they choose.

Thirdly, you could get a group medical aid scheme insurance, and provide your employees with medical cover as an option package!

But why should you do this?

It costs you money, has nothing to do with your business goals or anything. That is not entirely true!

By providing your employees with a medical aid scheme means that you are an employer who cares about the people that work for you! Your employees will immediately place more value in you, because you care enough about them to make sure they are always healthy.

You also get to say to which doctors your employees go to, which means that you know your doctor won't just book them off sick if they are not really sick. You are in total control of the scheme and how your employees work with it.


In certain cases, such as the Health management programmes offered by the medical aid schemes, for example HIV/AIDS programmes, is by law kept anonymous.

This is done for obvious reasons, such as to eliminate any discrimination chances.

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Is this cost effective?

The biggest you have is wether this is an option you can afford, or want to afford. What will it cost, and for that money, what do I get?

Of course we can't answer that without you speaking to one of our authorised medical aid scheme consultants, but you can be sure that you will receive a large discount on your premiums, because you are sending so many new members to the medical aid scheme that you choose.

You also get the choice of which benefits you decide to cover your members for. For example, you can cover them for doctor consultations, prescription medicines and a hospital plan, especially if your employees have to travel a lot and stand the risk of having an accident in work time.

This means you don't have to pay anything to send your employees, whose normal day to day physical contribution to your company is walking through the door and sitting down at a desk, to the gym.

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